Friday, December 5, 2014

A tale of a nose

Poor Hadassah has had a tough week...

On Sunday evening we were having a quiet time as a family after a busy weekend, when the night got crazy with cries. Hadassah slipped on a book (I think?) and fell into the lower shelf of the coffee table. While it's now covered with padding, it's never something I thought was dangerous... But she managed to get a nice cut on her nose. 

We were scared. She was crying harder than she ever has, blood was gushing, we couldn't clearly see what she'd done as she was thrashing around in pain, and we were trying to stop the bleeding and determine if she needed stitches or what. It's our first cut as parents and it's so hard to see your baby in pain!

Medical care is harder to access here, especially for foreigners. While there are some (more expensive!) hospitals geared toward westerners, for emergency situations, you have to go to a local hospital. Which requires translation. So when we finally got Hadassah quieted down with videos of her as a baby, we decided to go next door to ask advice, knowing we'd need them along if we had to go to the hospital.

When we got over there, the grandma immediately took over. Swiftly she pulled out some solution, a tool to quickly slide the skin back in place, and cut a bandage down to size to fit snugly. And I remembered - she used to be a nurse! God provides. She told us (through her daughter-in-law's translation) not to worry, that it wouldn't leave a scar, and how to care for it.

Hadassah calmed down, and went to bed easily, not waking up once. In the morning we found she had pulled the bandage off, so we were able to get some pictures to send my dad and Ryan's aunt. It's pretty nice to have a doctor as a dad and THE expert on wound care as an aunt! They both confirmed that it didn't look too serious.

 With a band aid, she still pulls off the adorable look quite well!

 Her owie still looks pretty nasty, but it's continuing to heal, Hadassah hasn't picked at it as I've explained it's not something to touch, and she's hardly acted like it's there.

But the only thing more pitiful than a baby with an owie on her nose is one with an owie AND a snuffly nose! Tuesday night we awoke in the middle of the night to loud cries (it's rare these days that she wakes up, thankfully!), and the next morning we could tell she definitely had a cold. A bad cold. So she hasn't napped as well and hasn't been in the best mood, understandably, these last few days. Meaning that at night she's pretty tired. The above picture was taken two nights ago. She was laying on the floor with her nigh-night lamb a full hour before bedtime, saying "nigh-night..." So we put her to bed straight away. :)

Ryan has the cold now, but thankfully so far I've escaped it. Prayers appreciated that Hadassah fully recovers soon, Ryan gets better, and I don't get it!

And this momma is ready for her baby's nose to not have anything else happen to it... ;)

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