Sunday, July 12, 2015

An evening at the playground

Hadassah loves this spot. A sure-fire way to cheer up a grumpy attitude and provide endless play and energy releasing time for her is to say "Hadassah, let's go to the slides!" Though there are downsides to living in an apartment instead of your own house (with a back yard!) a definite plus is having a playground just a few minutes walk away.

 Talking with Mommy on the way...

 Her "excited hands" pose :)

 She has mastered climbing the stairs alone, though we usually stay close in case of a slip.

 She quickly decided her preferred method of going down the twisty slide is head first!

 One happy girl!

 We are always sad when it rains and we can't make the slides a part of her day, since she so so enjoys it!

Cute little girl-ness...

We are busy trying to get all the details sorted out for moving to our new apartment, and thankfully there is a playground there, even closer to our apartment building than this one, and it seems to have better upkeep (not so much rust). But we wanted to capture this place before we moved, as it has been one of Hadassah's favorite spots for a year now!

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