Sunday, September 20, 2015

Daddy at the Bus

It's not the most convenient time. The crucial dinner-needs-to-be-ready-soon hour. But, it also can be the child-is-not-happy hour, and getting out of the house does both of us good. Plus, there's something wonderful about seeing my love as soon as he gets off of the bus from work, and enjoying a short walk home as a family before supper preparations get crazy. Sometimes I'm ahead of the game and have things cut and prepped and ready to put the final touches on when we get home. Sometimes supper is just a little later... But we both agree that when I can, walking to meet Ryan is a good thing for us. Because if he comes home when dinner is in the throes of being made, it's really hard to stop and ask how the day was, though we still try to pause at least briefly. But when something's about to burn in the pan, it's hard to be relaxed... ;)

Besides, there's nothing like the excitement on Hadassah's face when she sees Daddy getting off the bus!

If we get there just a few minutes early, we sit on the wall and wait...

Mommy and Hadassah sitting side by side!

Her little girlness and excitement that Daddy is coming soon is too adorable.
We chat about things we see, like the fact that today only the blue dump truck was parked across the street, when usually there is a blue dump truck AND a white dump truck parked there...
"There's Daddy's bus!!!"

After waiting as ten to twenty other buses pass us by, we know the one Ryan rides 10 minutes from his work!
I hold Hadassah back until Ryan is on the sidewalk, and then let her go...

And she's always so thrilled to be twirled around by her favorite man :)
"Daddy's home!"

And Mommy is happy too - I get a kiss and enjoy my hand in my love's for at least a bit!
We usually go straight home, but today Hadassah was thrilled to take Daddy to run with her on the "pao bu path" :)
It's a lot of pictures to capture something that is just an ordinary part of our day. But somehow, those ordinary moments are the most precious ones to make sure we remember...

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