Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Highlights over 16,000 Miles

We've been back from the US for about a week now, and finally the fog of jetlag is lifting once again. At least, it's the first night I haven't fallen exhausted into bed as soon as we put the kids down by 7 PM. Jet lag is my very very very least favorite part of traveling with kids. But when we look back over the memories, it's worth it. Just hard to see sometimes when it seems like you entirely broke all of your kids sleep habits. Again.

Anyways, I just posted a Facebook album with over 100 photos, so there's no way I'm going to capture it all here. But below are some of the best pictures from the trip.

1 - Leaving the airport in Shanghai. Hadassah is always so very excited at the start of our trip. She's been looking forward to grandparents for months. And aren't these the two cutest carry-on's you've ever seen?
2 - The moment Dassah waits for so long (24 hours of flying and more!). Such absolutely joy at being reunited!

 3. Cousins in Indiana. Doesn't get much cuter!

4. Chickfila. We managed to eat there 3 times. Because it just doesn't get better than the peppermint chocolate chip milkshake and their classic chicken sandwich.

5. The Louisville Science Center. Basically kid heaven.

6. Our strong girl! Because when most of your "playground" outside is exercise equipment, you get really strong climbing and hanging off of the bars!

7. This absolutely adorable, fun-loving cutie!

 8 Christmas lights and an Ellie who liked grandparents, but NOT if mommy stepped away from her side!

 9. But after her body finally got over jet lag and she'd warmed up a bit, Ellie was enthralled with her grandparents too at last. :) We also had a warm day - in the 70s! - for Christmas in Atlanta!

10. Atlanta and an awesome "Toy Park" while visiting relatives!

 11. Alabama and the old country home!

 12. The trampoline. In a hole. With cousins. In brown.

13. A zoo outing for the whole family!

 14. Accidentally matching my love. And family to take photos for us!

15. Feeding the giraffes with Uncle Elijah!

16. Twirling girlies while we waited for lunch. And the warmth of Alabama!

17. An impromptu family photo by a brother-in-law with an amazing camera.

 18. The whole family - all 6 of my siblings and our "adopted" sis Marisa made sure they were there too during our visit. What a wonderful blessing!

 19. Saying goodbye at 5 AM at the airport. Parents who get up way early to see us off...

 20. The city lights, the clouds, and the sunrise on the horizon... The beginning of the very long day of flying back home to Shanghai.

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