Friday, March 17, 2017

Making Final Memories

It's exciting to think of moving in just a week. But, lasts are always hard. We'll miss it here. I think living in March, as the trees are starting to blossom and filling the air with sweet scent makes it easier and harder. Easier, as I'll always have a beautiful memory of this city, and harder as I know how much more beautiful it will get in the next few weeks and hate to miss it! ;)

 Our first neighbors had us over for a final meal of dumplings, prepared by their parents. Their parents no longer live with them full time, as their son can go to preschool now, but they do come when help is needed (due to travel or sickness). It meant a lot that they took the time to make these beautiful, delicious dumplings for us one last time!

 Hadassah has grown up with Aiden (his English name, that we helped give him!). They were both babies when we moved in. It's a bit sad to think the friends Hadassah had from age 0-3 are not ones she'll see much of in the years ahead. But at the same time, we are thankful to be moving now, as I know she's young and will form new friends easily and not miss old ones TOO much.

 We're cleaning out the pantry, so we just had to make the last box of brownie mix I'd brought from the US. I have a good homemade brownie recipe, but there's just something about that box mix. Maybe because I don't visibly see how much sugar they put in. ;) It was the first time all three of us wore our matching aprons and Ellie fully got into tasting things!

 Ellie is also joining in morning "preschool play" activities. For letter S one of them was "Squishing Solid Paint" (frozen paint). Ellie wasn't so sure about getting her hands all dirty. ;)

 But Hadassah fully got into squishing and swirling!

 As the weather isn't *quite* so cold, we're taking more morning walks to campus. I have pictures of Hadassah at this age in this same hat, and now Ellie is... Oh so fast they grow!

We're peeking through the same tunnels Hadassah did at this age...

See, this is Hadassah in March of 2015. Deja vu anyone?

 Now Hadassah isn't content to stay on the ground. She climbs to the top of whatever she can! And Ellie would too if she could or I helped her! ;)

 We've been plopping blue berries into the water...

 ...and visiting the Chinese gazebos. I will miss this architecture as part of daily life.

 Ellie is befriending the pigeons...

 Dassah is telling silly stories in the sun on our enclosed balcony using the Story Basket (for letter S week).

 They're giggling and playing in big boxes as I pack. I've got 5 suitcases and boxes packed thus far! I thought ahead and brought back as much as I could each of our last few trips in preparation for moving, so thankfully we should fit everything in our 8 free checked bags coming home!

We're taking cheesy noodles to eat with Daddy at work for one last time...

 And Dassah is very seriously "helping" him work on the model box in the display area. She has loved her Daddy working on airplanes, but is excited about his new job working on rockets!

 These happy smiles...

 And the sweetness of Ms. Hong, bringing out a goodbye gift for the girls. She developed a sweet bond with Hadassah at our Christmas party and it's sweet to see H give her tight hugs whenever they meet. :)

 Then there are sunshiney toes in a taxi on the way home. Ellie has been enamored with her toes recently...

 Friday morning found us on campus once again to chase pigeons with friends...

 Cute girls all lined up (with moms ready to grab them should they lean over too far!)

Oh how we will miss this sweet group of friends!

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  1. I love the pictures, Anna! Blessings on your transition!