Friday, July 4, 2014

Americans in China

We got July 4th sooner here than in the states. I (Anna) really missed being away from all of the red white & blue decorations and going on a family picnic then watching fireworks. Being overseas really drives home how you miss those family traditions. But, we celebrated none-the-less.

We're also so grateful for the freedom in America. You notice the difference when you're in a country that's not free.

 We dressed in red, white, & blue!

 Our little firecracker keeps our lives sparkling!

 Strawberry Shortbread helped chase away the blues of missing home and all things July 4th ;)

 Since it was raining, we had a picnic in our living room. I splurged and bought beef to make hamburgers, and we listened to patriotic music as we ate, courtesy of YouTube. :)

Finishing off with watermelon!

It was good. :)


  1. Anna you are too adorable with the watermelon. Thank you for continuing to share your lives with the rest of us. Hadassah is getting so big and so adorable. You are indeed blessed. Minfy