Thursday, July 24, 2014

Love is...

 This Saturday, July 26th, will be our 1 1/2 year anniversary. It's pretty crazy to think what has happened in just a year and a half. We got married, I moved to Iowa, we went through pregnancy, we spent two weeks in Egypt, we had a baby, we sold and packed and moved out, we spent two months traveling seeing family, and we moved to China. Wow.

But when I start to feel lonely about being so far away from family, I remember that I am right where I want to be. With my best friend. We were walking down the street this evening, gazing in each other's eyes for a minute, realizing how sweet this time is. We don't like being so far from the many people we know and love, but it's kind of nice being forced to just be with each other. "I get you all to myself" is how Ryan put it. :)

These days, love does look a little different than the roses and sweet nothings and long letters we used to write. Though we still have those things on occasion, more time is spent on the little things of life.

Love is...
..."eggs on toast" in the morning
... a closet of ironed work clothes
... a massage at the end of tiring day
... cookies and a carrot sent for snacks at work
... taking Hadassah to the playground so I can finish dinner for company without distraction
... ordering a rug for our living room - the excitement of a new home coming together
...  lunch together each day
... cooking food that makes him feel like he's not in China just for a moment
... reading God's Word together in the early morning hours
... kisses at the door whenever one of us comes in or goes out
... walking and praying and discovering new trails
... walking our little girl between us, and exchanging smiles...

It's still dancing together, though sometimes there's a little blue-eyed girl in the ERGO spinning along.

And so much more.

There still are many touches of the more romantic nature... him bringing flowers home I-don't-know-how. Splurging on a pastry at the local bakery and sitting at the table in the corner with my legs in his lap, feeling like newlyweds again... until our girl starts complaining about the lack of attention her way. ;) And the fact that every evening, no matter how long and busy the day has been, we get to be together. Just us. Then we stay up late talking even though we know the alarm will go off early, just 'cause we like each other so much.

I love that I can still get lost in his eyes even with tons of people around. That he is there to lead and guide and make us slow down if we're doing too much is such an amazing blessing for this "do-er." And I love making an apartment a home, for him. Cooking for him. Still holding hands across the table between spoonfuls of food given to the babe.

There have been hard times. Times we had to say "will you forgive me?" or ask for clarification on something not communicated correctly. Times we just hold each other and cry. Times we've not known what is around the corner, and have been scared, but know that we serve a faithful Savior. And He's been faithful. Time and time again...

Thank you, Lord, for these one and a half years...


  1. I can't tell you how much I enjoy your post's!! Anna, you're an amazing writer! I always get so excited when I see that you've shared another "chapter" of your lives with us! God's very richest blessings on you, and your sweet little family! Much Love, Sally

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! Sometimes I doubt that happy couples really do exist, and it's encouraging to remember that yes, I do know several of them! :) Happy 1.5th anniversary!

  3. Oh Anna, thank you! These are the moments I long for, and to see that the Lord has so carefully crafted them for you encourages my heart so much! :-)

  4. "They can laugh, they can cry. Their future is so beautiful and bright. They can dance under the moonlight. 'Cause God is smiling down on them tonight. And they want to stay right here... make it last for a hundred more years. ... She's got blue eyes, just like her mother..." =) You guys couldn't have picked a more perfect song for your first dance. It's wonderful to see the "dance" continuing to play out in your lives!
    And, I can't wait for Hadassah to get old enough and steady enough to twirl around like her mommy. =) -Natalie

  5. So so beautiful and sweet ^_^ ❤️❤️❤️