Friday, January 16, 2015


My wife is an incredible cook.  And I'm not just talking about the deliciousness of the food she cooks.  I'm talking about the circumstances under which she cooks.

Let me go over a few of the things that impress me.

1. No microwave.

Did you know it was possible to put food on the table, morning, noon, and night without a microwave?  It's a little known fact that the microwave, invented in 1945, was what propelled us into the age of technology.  People were able to eat better meals with less effort.  With the extra brain power of food and the spare time generated from having the microwave, people invented computers and everything else we know today.  Yet, my wife somehow stands in mysterious defiance of the laws of mankind and manages with just as much efficiency to put amazing food (even leftovers - the reason the microwave was first invented...) on the table every day.  My mind is blown almost every time I think about this.

2. Any circumstance

It doesn't matter the kind of day or the impossibility of the task, there will be some sort of amazing dish on the table.

Recently, we just went on a perilous and exhausting two week journey.  The morning after we got back, in our completely jet-lagged condition, my wife made these - delicious pancakes - from scratch - no pancake mix!  Better food than I could have had at any breakfast joint, prepared the morning we woke up from our harrowing journey.  ("We'll just have to do pancakes this morning.  I don't have ingredients for anything else since I haven't been grocery shopping yet.  Sorry."  A wife that is sorry for cooking delicious homemade pancakes from scratch?  Sometimes I have to do a serious paradigm shift to try to figure out how how she has such perspectives...)

3. With Hadassah

Recently, we've been having the same amazing food, but I'll wander over to the kitchen and see that Anna is teaching our little daughter how to cook.  It takes extra time and I'm sure makes the process more complicated, but she takes time out to prepare our little daughter for cooking and it makes her feel like such a big girl (and, well, she is growing every day!)  I think/hope Anna's going to do a post on that soon, so I'll let her post the pictures :)

Thank You God, for a wife who is so amazing at what she does.  Thank you for our food.  Thank you for Your many provisions.

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  1. Hilarious! The part about the pancakes was great. =) That WOULD be something Anna would say.