Friday, January 30, 2015

Indiana with Ryan's Family

With January nearly over, it's high time we got photos from our trip uploaded and done with, and as today is Ryan's mom's birthday (happy birthday!), it seemed like good timing. :)

After a day of driving from Atlanta, we arrived in Indiana the evening of Monday, December 29th. The next afternoon, we drove across the river to Louisville to see a cool light exhibit.

 There was silk and lights combined to make many different things, including a whole exhibit with different scenes of Scrooge from A Christmas Carol!

 Hadassah really enjoyed looking at everything, the big teddy bear being a favorite :)

 Another exhibit had a lot of different Christmasy scenes. Hadassah makes a really cute princess!

And we made a family of elves together!

 After the exhibit, we picked up Hadassah's "Aunt Gabby" who had flown in from Idaho to see us! 

 Though she's not blood related, I count her a dear sister of the heart. She was only with us for a day and a half, but it was one of the most relaxing time for me of the trip. We talked a lot, went out to dinner (just us and Ryan - the grandparents were great babysitters!), sang and prayed in the New Year, went shopping, and just relaxed. It was such a blessing to have Gabrielle come.
Thursday night was a late Christmas party for the Sunday School Ryan's parent lead for College & Career young adults. We had a fun time of fellowship, and Hadassah loved all the snacks that come out at parties!

Ryan's sister and her family joined us on Friday, and it was fun to see the cousins enjoy each other some more.


Grammy has a lap full of love!

We did family Christmas with them, and by this time Hadassah had opening presents more than figured out. A stocking full of little things to pull out was a toddler's dream come true! ;)

Grandpa and cousins... those two are going to be best buds one day hopefully!

 It doesn't get much better :)

 Saturday was the annual Wolfe family Christmas, with Ryan's dad's side of the family. All 6 of his siblings plus some cousins and children were there! It's always a lot of fun. :)

 Hadassah was handling large groups of people better by this point, but she still needed some down time. For one of those she disappeared with Grammy, who took her to her room, set her in front of the big mirrors, and fancied her up. One of her first experiences playing dress up and she loved it!

We had managed to do most of our shopping and packing on Friday and Saturday, so Sunday afternoon and evening was spent relaxing and enjoying time with the grandparents Hadassah kept pulling off the Santa hat the moment we put it on her, but we managed to chase her around and get a picture.

 Since Hadassah didn't want the hat, Daddy wore it!

 Stair climbing was her favorite activity all week...

 There were sweet moments of spontaneous snuggles...

...and enjoying the finger plays Grammy taught her.  To this day if I do them, Hadassah says "G'ma!"

The next day it was time to leave... The airplane travels will be covered in another post. :)

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