Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Mama & 'Dassah Day

Yesterday was a long day for Ryan. His company had their annual dinner, and since Ryan was a part of a singing act for it (in which he did a rap in Chinese... yeah!), he had to go with the other performers over to the venue at 10:30 am. Which meant he couldn't come home for lunch and he didn't get back until after Hadassah was in bed.

So, it was a long day of just mommy and Hadassah time, but it was sweet. Thankfully the AQI was hovering around 100 (just over moderate) and it wasn't raining, so we braved the cold after her nap to go outside. With the AQI back up to 242 today, I've learned you have to seize the opportunities you get to get out!

Life is just so much better when we can go outside. I'm happier, she's happier and less restless, and everything just feels better. The exercise, the outside air, and being in nature... there's nothing like grass and dirt and sticks to occupy a toddler!

 Which is what she is now. My baby who had to hold my hand in order to walk anywhere just a few months ago now takes off on her own to chase a bird if I let her. (No worries - this is a road, but it's currently blocked off from cars). I love seeing her explore, though every now and then I do miss that little hand always tucked into mine.

 She always enthusiastically points out the flowers in the sidewalk. :)

She finally fits into this big, poofy coat, at least better than she did before! I was determined not to be stopped and asked if she was cold this time out, and it worked. Often I am stopped, sometimes 2 or 3 times between our apartment and the vegetable stand, where even if I say she's not cold, the concerned strangers will feel her hands and legs and arms and even her tummy and make their own pronouncement...

But the extra bulk of the coat made her get trapped in the little "tunnel" she usually fits in between these bushes. ;)

 We dropped things off the back of a bench, watching dirt clods and leaves fall down again and again...

 ...and I caught my breath at how grown up she's looking. Is she really 15 months old?

 We found signs that spring is coming, which made my heart happy as they look like the same bush that grows outside of my parents' home in Alabama. It blooms there this time of year too...

She said "stick" when she saw this big branch, picked it up, and said "Dada" lifting it high like he did when he found one on Saturday. She wanted to show him but I had to tell her for at least the 10th time that day that Dada was at work.

I made apple pancakes for supper which of course didn't turn out as pretty as the picture, but were delicious even without syrup! Ryan isn't as huge a bread-y person like me, so I figured it was a good time to try them. :) I brought some over to our neighbors, and we discussed the question of "should you force your child to play a musical instrument?" Hadassah announced it was time to go after about 30 minutes, saying her version of "Huí jiā" (go home) as she went to the door. It was time for her bath anyway, which while she was excited when I told her, she said "Dada." She knows he usually gives them to her!

She was tucked in bed, mommy got some online time and did the dishes and was in the process of scrubbing the counters (yay for a newly deep-cleaned kitchen!) when Ryan walked through the door. It was 8:20 pm, and they hadn't even served the main course of the dinner yet, but he said he didn't want to stay away from us any longer. I love that about him. Leftovers were warmed, the day was talked about, and as we tried to fall asleep we kept laughing as I shared memories of the day with Hadassah. We are blessed.

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