Thursday, February 5, 2015


It all started with an innocent mistake. I don't know if I clicked the wrong button or the grocery company had a website glitch, but somehow I ended up with 3x the amount of fresh rosemary I thought I was getting.

So. Not one to let one of my favorite herbs go to waste ('cause there's only so many rosemary potatoes you can eat!) I went on pinterest and and searched for things with fresh rosemary.

We may have an addiction now.


This recipe seemed a double win, as it combined bread and a crockpot. But as I set out to make it this afternoon, I realized you still had to let it rise, shape it, and let it rise before putting it in the crockpot. And besides that, I haven't found waxed paper anywhere around here. So I just decided to bake it in the oven for just under an hour instead of putting it in the crock pot for 2.

The smell of it baking nearly drove Hadassah crazy. She couldn't WAIT for supper, but somehow we made it.

I made our favorite tomato basil soup to go with the bread - we had a taste of Italy tonight. I've made some changes to the recipe, depending on what I have... I always use fresh tomatoes, not currently even pureed (just squish half of the ones I dice with a fork), as the blender we bought used cracked months ago. I sometimes use a cup of milk in place of a cup of broth to make it more creamy, and as heavy cream is expensive and I don't usually have it, I just thicken it at the end with cornstarch mixed into some cold milk. I never had any use for tomato soup until I tried this recipe...

Usually our mouth goes insane at the taste. It never gets old! It's really easy, and so good we have it almost weekly. Hadassah even loves it. She gobbled down three small bowls with nary a break for a breath. But, this time, the bread far overshadowed the soup. Really far.

It's amazing, folks. Super easy, too, requiring hardly any kneading. I used entirely whole wheat flour (though the whole wheat I get here seems lighter than what I got in the states... who knows) and it was superb.

The taste of the rosemary baked into the bread... I couldn't decide if I liked it better plain or with the herb olive oil dipping sauce. There was no question in Ryan's mind: with the dip all the way!

But seriously. Make it if you can. You won't regret it.

Is the fact that we ate almost an entire loaf in one sitting enough to make you decide to make it? Cause... yeah.

I still have a lot of rosemary yet to use, though a lot of it may go towards this bread in the next few weeks... But if any of you have any favorite recipes using rosemary, please pass them along to me!

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