Monday, February 9, 2015

As American as...

Yes... Apple Pie!

After last fall's baking class, they asked if I'd be interested in doing it again. My neighbor helped me fill out a volunteer form (since it was in Chinese characters!) as I enjoy being involved in the community when I can. They asked me to read a Christmas story in December at the children's reading group, and I enjoyed sharing the true story of what we celebrate at Christmas. Very powerful to read (with Yinyue translating) how Jesus came to be the king of the entire world...

The organizer of the classes was one we invited to our Thanksgiving meal, and she really liked the apple pie. So, a date finally worked with them and me to teach them how to make it!

 Starting with introductions... I told them (as Yinyue translated) "In America, if something is very common or popular, we say that it is 'As American as apple pie.' 

I was more comfortable this time; the people are so sweet and I feel more at home. I even read off the ingredients in Chinese as I demonstrated, as Yinyue had come over earlier to teach me the pinyin and tones for them. I figured the ingredients were safe to say, since everyone had a copy of the recipe and could read them, and Yinyue still repeated them in better Chinese at times. ;) It was a fun challenge to use some of what I've been learning, though, and yet so helpful to have Yinyue there to translate everything else.

 Rolling out the pie crust... thankfully our "never fail pie crust" recipe hasn't failed me yet. :)

I was very thankful I had cut up most of the apples to save time at home, though. When I demonstrated how to cut the final apple for them, I noticed my hand shaking some and I nearly stabbed myself. So, I guess there were still nerves... speaking in front of people will never fully be easy for me! 

 Demonstrating what the sugar-butter-water mixture consistency should look like. I made this recipe, a new one a friend told me about for Thanksgiving. It's nice for the Chinese, as it doesn't require any hard-to-get ingredients - though butter is more expensive and harder to find here than in America!

 The pies. The one on the left I took home to cook, and the one on the right I made the day before to share in class.

 All of the children were very eager to get a piece!

 With my dear neighbor and friend, and some new friends from the class. I am so thankful and blessed to be included.

 And I wore my Grandma's apron for the demonstration. Just another way in which she finally made it to China... :)

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