Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Cardboard Play House

It all started with me trying to build a tunnel into Hadassah's climbing gym. She's been loving climbing under things (like the kitchen table) so I thought giving her an outlet would be good. I got it all taped, only to realize if she climbed on it and fell, it could be more of a fall. So, I pulled it apart and remade the old one.
Then the idea for a house came up. If I used two tall boxes and draped a blanket over it to make a roof, would that work? Hadassah liked climbing in, but soon pulled the boxes over as she tugged on the blanket.

So then I put a box on top, to make it more sturdy and provide the height for her to stand up. Not the most impressive looking thing, but she loved it!

 We colored it with crayons to make it more inviting. She's loving hearts and stars right now, pointing to them and saying the words whenever she sees one. So, I decorated it inside and out with them, which thrilled her to no end as she kept pointing to them.

It doesn't have the cool cut-out door you can make from huge boxes big enough to be a house in themselves, but Hadassah really likes the blanket. We played peekaboo for a long time with it, and she likes the feel of crawling through it. Maybe it will satisfy her urge to feel fabric around her so that she'll stop playing in the big drapes...

 Inside there's room for her and her friends, and even room for mommy to climb in and read a story with her!

The back window doubles as a great stage for a puppet show! Hadassah loves puppets these days, and this makes it even more fun.

Oh the wonderful fun of simple cardboard boxes!

We're on day 2 of sickness, just diarrhea and fever now... She slept last night from 6 PM to 4 AM, and then after nursing and getting water and tylenol for her fever, until almost 9 AM! She barely stayed awake 2 hours before she was so sleepy she went down again. So unlike her... I'm missing my little companion and playmate. Praying she's well soon so we can have more fun in her little house made the day before she got sick!


  1. I love it! What an adorable house! And I am so sorry to hear that she is sick! We just finished 2 weeks of sickness at our house--not fun at all!

  2. This is Helen-
    I knew you would make a play house next! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!!

    Sorry Hadassah is sick, hope she will get better soon!