Saturday, March 19, 2016

First Picnic of 2016

 The weather being good enough to do a picnic is one of the first signs of spring, and something I celebrate. So although the morning of March 5th was busy, and Hadassah was getting into everything and disobeying *right* as I was trying to get out of the door in order to make it to meet Ryan on time (who was on a time crunch) once I finally got out the door I was glad I'd made the effort. There's just something about eating outside...

 Especially when you have such a gorgeous tree in front of you.

 So fun to have another baby with us on our picnic this year! And notice that cute little hand-pose?

 Okay, so really she was just wanting to do this ;)

Daddy had to get back for a meeting, so we enjoyed a little more of the outdoors while Hadassah kicked her legs and ate her frozen peas and corn one by one. Yes, she prefers them frozen to cooked (though she'll eat them both ways) - which saves me a step in meal prep sometimes! It is nice having this little walking area just outside of our apartment complex with a gazebo for a picnic.

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