Tuesday, March 22, 2016

First XiGua of the Season

 Ah... Watermelon. Or, as it's most commonly known around here, XiGua. One of the things I so enjoy about Shanghai is how inexpensive watermelon and how early it arrives here. Last week I decided to go ahead and try the small watermelons I saw at the fruit stand. And while it didn't have the height-of-season-absolute-sweetness, it was really really good.

 Hadassah was pretty excited to see what we were having for lunch!

 I made broccoli, carrot, lemon sage pasta for lunch too. The meal just said spring time...

 We all ate a lot of watermelon. Granted the pieces were small, as the whole melon was no bigger than a small kickball. But still... I was especially impressed with how much Hadassah ate!

 Her enjoyment of it was so cute I just had to take a lot of pictures...

It reminded me of the blue eyed baby we moved to China with... Here's Hadassah in June 2014, 7 months old and totally enjoying her watermelon.

At almost 2 1/2 years now, it's still one of her most favorite things ever. :)

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