Saturday, May 14, 2016

Goodbye to "her" guys

 The Purdue guys finished their finals and headed out. We'll miss them. Seeing them weekly at church and every other week for supper and a game night (that more often turned into late theology discussions!) was a blessing. It's pretty cool how Ryan had 3 guys very interested in discussing theology - something he's missed having close by since we left Iowa. And Hadassah absolutely loved the attention of these "uncles" that were great with kids! Somewhere along the way she started calling them "my guys."

So when I was putting her down for her nap on Wednesday, after telling her that morning that the guys would be coming for supper, she said "No - but my guys haven't come yet!" I had to assure her this wasn't night time, that they'd come sometime AFTER she took her nap. :)

 We hosted a goodbye party on Wednesday, with the guys and the other two American families we know here. We all have enjoyed these guys. We ladies each contributed ingredients for an amazingly delicious fajita bar. Ladies and kids were in the dining room and guys in the living room - though I added Ellie to the center of them where she played and looked so cute at Ryan's feet.

 The kids loved playing together and with their guys. Especially when they let them do things like flips!

 Pretty cool the people God has brought our way. We will always be thankful for their friendship and how they encouraged our daughter.

 They had to get a book picture, because, though we invited them over to play games, some of the time the only thing pulled out were theology books, and if we did play a game, they always stayed later to discuss theology. All the books Ryan had shipped over have definitely been used!

 These guys all live just a few hours from Ryan's parents, so we may one day see them again. If not, as one of them put it when he said goodbye, "The great white throne?"

 Hadassah gave each of them huge goodbye hugs. That joy...

It took about an hour to fully say goodbye though. As I did the dishes the discussion continued out into the entry way. One by one they moved out the door, and then ALL of them were eventually out the door, but still talking. It's a good sign when it's hard to leave.

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