Saturday, May 7, 2016

Our Favorite Time of Day

We try to meet him rain or shine. It's just a ten minute walk. It forces us to get out of the house (good for us all!) and usually means I make sure supper is prepped during nap time, which also helps everything. Hadassah's always ready to go when I say "Let's go meet Daddy!" and the look of joy on my husband's face when he sees us on the curb is the best...

I took pictures last week, because one day, these ordinary, daily sites pictures of our apartment complex are going to be what we want to remember. I walk these paths at least once a day, often even more. So pardon the many pictures... I'll let them tell a wordless journey.

It's not always this idealic-looking. Full disclosure, while taking one of these pictures, the stroller bumped into a railing and Ellie smacked her face on the tray and so I had to stop to calm a wailing baby! Yes, I felt pretty bad... And sometimes it's rainy and wet (though we often use that as an excuse to go puddle splashing now that it's warm!) and when it was colder the wind was pretty terrible at parts. But I am always happy for having gotten out, and those precious getting-home-from-work moments with Ryan right off of the bus are our favorite every day.

And isn't it pretty this time of year? I so appreciate the work they put into keeping everything so beautifully green. I still laugh at the 24-hour egg dispenser (and no, haven't used it yet - a small store in our complex is where we buy eggs these days as it's closer). The grannies sitting on the curb selling vegetables almost always make comments or smile at the girls. When Hadassah goes running to Ryan, there are always others who smile at the so evident love on display. Ellie goes in the ergo carrier to get a nap some days when her naps have been too short during the day. And when the stress of getting supper ready with girls who don't always have perfect naps gets high, we're all calmed by a little walk just before 5 PM.

 Thank You, Lord, for this time, and what will become great memories one day...

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