Saturday, September 3, 2016

Just letting Him

She sat there for at least 15 minutes. Crying because she wanted Mommy to help her down, not Daddy. But because mommy was at the moment busy helping sister walk, and daddy standing right there when she asked for help to get down, he was the one who responded. But "No!" she yelled "I want mommy!!" Much as she absolutely loves daddy, there are times when she sees sister getting attention and insists that only mommy will do. They've happened enough, that we knew this wasn't a time to give in. She needed to learn who was in charge, and it wasn't her.

So she sat. She sat while her sister explored and enjoyed the leaves on a beautiful fall day. She sat while we walked down the path, hoping our absence would encourage her to give up the struggle. But though daddy was standing there, ready to help, she refused to let him. Finally, we couldn't wait any longer - it was time for naps, and so he pried her hands off and started the trek home. And she learned. After talking about it, she said "Next time, I won't throw a fit. I'll let Daddy help me." It is a good lesson for an almost three year old to learn. I held her on the walk home and explained that even I am a woman under authority, that I am called to submit, to God, and also to my husband. We talked yet again about the verse that says "children obey your parents" and that even though mommy loves her so much, she can't have all of my attention all the time...

But as she sat, I prayed for her. And I was reminded of how often I just sit, wanting my own way, thinking my plan is best. Refusing to let go and let God be the one in charge. Insisting that there can't be any other way but what I think will make me feel good. Sitting and missing the joy that could be mine, if I would just submit to my loving Father's will.

I do it in small ways, and I do it in large ways. Each time I learn to trust my Father more, but somehow I still keep having to learn again. And yet, each time I see how faithful and gentle and patient my Father is. How He lets me sit, to learn, and yet moves me when He knows the time is right.

I pray Hadassah learns to trust her earthly parents, and pray that she won't resist us in stubbornness. But most of all, I pray that she will learn to trust her heavenly Father, Because although we fail her in many ways, He never will. And what peace as a parent there is to know that.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this story and the reminder that God is in charge. I am many a time guilty of thinking I know better than He does. Thankful for God's mercy and grace.