Monday, September 19, 2016

Ten Months with our Ellie Girl

No... she's not almost one is she? Can't be... But at 10 months, while quickly growing and maturing, we are still fully relishing the babyness of our sweet Eliana Grace!

Cute, sweet, and a great sense of humor. But don't let that cute pose fool you...

...she was just taking off her headband for the 5th time in a row. "Here, Mommy, YOU can have it!" ;)

A bitty bow for this photo shoot seemed better, since she combed her hair to get it multiple times yet it escaped her grasp. ;)

I remember first time around I heard so many moms ahead of me on this parenting journey reminisce about how much they loved nursing their babies. I enjoyed it with Hadassah, but I didn't really get it. This time, I relish each time I sit down to snuggle with Ellie's smooth, chubby skin, give her the nutrition she needs, and just SIT for 5-10 minutes with my feet up. Nursing is God's gifts to moms I've decided. :)

It also makes me laugh to see what Ellie chooses to hold while she nurses. I discovered a while ago that she was less distracted (and pulled on my face/hair less!) if I gave her a toy to hold while she nurses. I keep a few stuffed animals on the bed for the purpose, and sometimes she'll stop mid-way, sit up, switch toys, and lay back to nurse more. She has a lamb blanket, dolly, and big lamb, but sometimes her favorite is an old, empty lotion bottle. Gotta love babies!

She's a girl always on the go...

...I blink, and she's already there! Kind of how she's growing up. Time flies so much faster the second time around it seems!

Ellie at 10 months:

*nurses 4 times/day * will hardly eat anything pureed - wants whatever I'm eating! * sleeps well at night, though up every now and then with sickness or random wake-ups (that thankfully don't usually last past one night at a time!) * two regular naps of 1 1/2 hours each * ten teeth total * has the best "chipmunk" face * gives the funniest look of disdain if she doesn't want some food I'm offering * says "Ha-dath-a!" and squirms with joy when she first sees her in the morning or after a nap * leans back and offers Daddy her neck to be tickle kissed * stands alone for 30 seconds or more steadily * cruises furniture, the wall, doors... * pulls up on her walker and goes! * walks steadily holding one hand * bends to pick up leaves and sticks * loves to crawl on the playground * goes down slides on her tummy (while I steady her some) * says "Mama" and "Dada" a lot * says "grr" (bear), "aah" (sheep) and "maow!" (cat) - and randomly assigns them to any animal she sees * gets SO excited to see (and sometimes pet) cats and dogs * claps for songs * has the cutest bobbing dance * beams at any praise and raises her eyebrows in sweet delight * waves her hand and shakes her head when I say "no no!" - but often does it anyway! * says "uh oh" adorably and all the time * loves to drop things * wears 18 month and 2T clothes * an adorable, refreshing, joy-bringing gift from God. * 

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