Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ballet in China

If you had ever told me I'd be teaching ballet in China, I probably would have told you you were crazy. I mean, I was done teaching once I got married, right? But then, when God gives you one - and then two little daughters who love to dance, and you are friends with people who have little girls who love to dance, you start thinking it may be possible... Almost daily I am amazed at how God plans things we never would have dreamed. :)

For the past month these little girls have been learning to plie and chasse in our living room. While I would never teach before (and this is only working, just barely, because the class is so small and informal!), this seemed the right time to start. You've just got to keep changing things up with their super short attention spans! ;) And while teaching my OWN daughter is more challenging yet more rewarding than I thought, it is fun. It's a challenge because she isn't afraid to disobey me when she gets the urge, whereas usually children are somewhat held back by awe of a teacher... But it is such a joy to see how much she enjoys learning, how well she practices and shows Daddy and remembers the terms. Any time a child shares a passion of yours, it makes you extra happy! :D

We use a lot of props, pretending to be snowflakes, or angels with scarf wings, running under rainbow scarfs and walking tall with crowns. At first it was hard for them to focus in a living room full of toys they're used to playing with, but I know I would never do it if it wasn't as easy as just having people come to our house. It's a week at a time, and probably something that will stop and go throughout life as, Lord willing, our family continues to grow. But at this moment, for now, it is a joy and privilege to watch these sweet girls discover the gift of ballet.

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  1. Aww!!! This makes me so happy! This is sort of how King's Praise started, you know... me and my sisters twirling around in our living room until Mom asked you to teach us. I still remember one "lesson" you gave us in our dining room. =) But your OWN DAUGHTER, Anna!!! Praise God!