Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Playground Fun in December

 As much as the weather can be polluted at times (though it seems better than previous years!) and the cold can be COLD, we are blessed to live somewhere where we often still get to play on the playground daily. We may have to wait until the sun comes out and the wind stops blowing (since the playground is in a pretty strong wind tunnel!) but it is possible! And for that I am very grateful.

 At just 13 months, Ellie is climbing the stairs solo. I turn around, and she's already half-way up them, though I still stay close to guard if I can!

 She goes down the slides alone too. It helps me as before I would always climb up and slide down behind her! Now she has the sweetest, proudest look as she lets go and slides down to me on her own!

 She even goes down the very fast and steep tunnel slide on her own, on her tummy. What a huge grin as she comes zooming out! And this momma is grateful to not be squeezing down it holding on to her ankles and bracing myself anymore!

 Ellie definitely takes after Hadassah... Both are climbers.

And quite daring! While I still miss having a back yard, we are blessed to live somewhere that has playground and exercise equipment (that the children use as a playground!) just a few minutes walk from our building.

 Speaking of fun, we even have our own "amusement park" type place running daily. You have to pay for each ride, but for a special family Saturday outing, it was fun! Especially now that Ellie is old enough to really enjoy them. She neighed at the horses when she saw the carousel. :)

  And Dassah absolutely loves this mini car roller coaster.

Guess going by herself makes her feel in control and it certainly whizzes by fast!

 The leaves are turning as Christmas gets closer...

And we are thankful.

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