Friday, August 1, 2014

China Beauty

 Last Saturday, we took a trip to the park by the river... Hadassah is all about walking with one hand these days, so loved practicing her skills on the long pathways.

 And yes, there are pictures that Hadassah doesn't smile in... here's proof. :) 

 But Daddy can get her to smile!

 We enjoyed a picnic and then walked on the grass barefoot. Most places have a "keep off the grass" sign posted, so it was unbelievable how good that felt! 

 Hadassah loves picking up leaves off of the ground, but that can make walking very slow, so in order to go faster Mommy gave her a ride on her head. But Hadassah was delighted to then find leaves at her level!

 But then we had to put a stop to that when she began to eat them...

Sights like these do such good... after a walk among trees we felt so relaxed.

 Our now 9-month-old little beauty :)

 Hard to believe how big our baby is getting.

 Irises were everywhere...

 There is such beauty in China. God has left His stamp as Creator everywhere.

 Contrasts of leaves and sky

 For some reason I've always liked taking pictures with trees. Now I have a little ball of happiness to add in! 

The Chinese do so well with landscaping. There aren't many people out that we saw, but it is so well taken care of! 

We are thankful for a place of beauty.


  1. This is Helen-
    I love that park! Was there much smog over it? Beautiful trees!

    1. There was quite a bit of smog that day (as you can see in pictures, the sky was gray) but we hardly noticed it due to all the other beauty around :)

  2. beautiful the scenery & you & Hadassah