Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy 10th months, Hadassah!

Our baby is quite the little girl now...

Toys: her dolls and stuffed animals. She goes "awww!" and snuggles up with them in the cutest ways! She also really enjoys a kitchen set, with fake veggies with velcro that she can separate.
Food: Anything she can feed herself... but she's always ready for yogurt when it comes even on a spoon!
Songs: "My God Is So Great" and "If You're happy and you know it!"
Games: "Patty Cake" - she's got the clapping down, and recently has started mimicking the "roll it up" on her own!
Words: "Dada", "Mama" and "Dassah" are going strong, with occasional "Bye-bye" or other attempts at repeating what we say
Activities: Walking with help :) She still scoots instead of crawling on all fours (though she pushes up sometimes) but she gets around quickly! She much *prefers* if I take her hands and walk her around, but I can't do that all day! She's gotten her first small bruises from falls, and definitely makes a big fuss about it, and errs more on the safety side. But we've had a few stumbling steps as we test her balance, and I have a feeling that when she takes off, she won't stop.

She also really enjoy reading books, especially her favorites. She now has favorite pictures in some boosk - usually of a child with a silly face - that she'll turn to again and again and laugh. Such fun! She's starting to imitate my growling like a bear too on a certain page. Lots of cuteness is in this house for sure!

She's always curious, and learning so much! I've recently been trying to get her to say "Mama" and do the sign for "up" when she wants to be picked up, instead of crying and fussing at me. Today as I was trying to finish my Chinese lesson (she'd woken from her nap before it was done) she crawled over and said "Mama" and lifted her hand with no fussing at all. Made me feel like we're getting somewhere, and of course melted my heart!

She's also pretty good at doing things she knows she's not supposed to too. ;) If I'm on the computer, she'll crawl over and hold the cord and look at me. Other times she'll start scooting towards our bedroom, which I don't allow her to go in by herself, and start giggling and scoot even faster when I walk towards her and tell her "that's a no, Hadassah." But, we're making progress. ;) Now there are some off limits things she'll reach for, but then stop, look at me, and shake her head "no." Sometimes she touches them still, but other times she doesn't. Consistency pays off slowly but surely!

Our little 'Dassah isn't as outgoing as she used to be. Sometimes she'll be all smiles and go towards someone, but usually if someone holds their arms out, she'll snuggle in to me instead, and sometimes won't even look at or smile at people, not wanting to give them any encouragement to take her. ;) I'm enjoying the snuggles while they last, as she's never been a huge cuddler.

All-in-all, it's been amazing to see her grow, find she understands SO much, and look at her and realize again that she's MY daughter. Wow. Time goes so quickly! Trying to savor each moment...


  1. I love the honesty in your posts, telling the good and the bad. She sounds like a wonderfully normal, precious, smart little girl! -- Donna Jo