Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cherry Blossoms at SJTU

Spring is giving us more signs that it's on its way!

Our neighbor told us that trees were blooming on campus and where to find them, so Monday just before our usual supper at a local Chinese restaurant (to give me time to work on my current photo book instead of making dinner and all the clean-up - my husband is awesome!) we went on a quick walk to find them. Light was fading fast, but between our amazing new camera and Ryan's great editing skills, we got some beautiful pictures to treasure.

 "Looks like a Chinese painting" in Ryan's words.

**Ryan Edit: I applied the "oilify" filter (in GIMP) and this is what it gave me:

 Hadassah and I have gone back almost every time since we found them... they're just too pretty not to enjoy to the full.

 Enjoying our new flip-up selfie screen :)

 The camera did that blur. Still amazes me!

 Had to get one of our little flower in there too!

Pink and green... my favorite colors.

The type of tree is conveniently bound onto the trunk. I looked it up and it's a type of Japanese cheery blossom. I can't read the Chinese, other than to see something about the 3rd month (March) so it's probably saying that's when they bloom. :)

Thank You, Lord, for spring 'a coming...

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