Saturday, March 7, 2015

Welcoming Spring

Today was beautiful. I'm not ready to say spring has arrived, but it sent out some rays, and we gave it the best welcome we could. I have hope it will soon be here for good.

I feel like we post pictures every time there's a day good enough to be outside. Sad how rare they have been recently. But this week the AQI has even been below 100 (150 is usually my max for going out) for four days in a row! Unheard of! Of course, it's been accompanied by cold, the cold where even though you bundle up in what seems like all the warm stuff you have, you still head home earlier than you planned because it's just plain cold. But today there was a portion of time that I only had to wear a sweater, and the sun was warm and felt so so amazing!

I've decided I'm just not a cold person. Sure, growing up in Alabama spoiled me. It just seems like there SHOULD be 70 degree days sprinkled throughout the winter, and the flowers should come full force in March (with beginnings in February). I mean, my family and friends are CAMPING this weekend. Isn't that supposed to be normal? I'm realizing it's not, but it won't stop me from thinking it should be!

 This morning we set out for a nice walk after skyping grandparents and getting later showers. Though Hadassah thinks we should get going just as fast as every other morning, we try to make it as relaxing as it can be when you have a toddler!

The weather was so beautiful, we just kept walking... for about 1 1/2 hours!

 We did take a break to let Hadassah play some. I love how it looks when Ryan holds her hand... She trusts him so. We were amazed at how long she was fine inn the stroller just watching the newer scenery though. Guess she can tell just being in fresh air for so long is a treat!

Playing in the leaves never gets old...

 Ryan played with our new camera some... it really is amazing!

 After lunch, Hadassah had a nap, and we did some chores. Once she woke it was STILL beautiful air and even warmer, so we had to get out again. "Eagle" is what Hadassah says every time we get ready to go outside, so we had to make a trip to her favorite place (on the campus across the street).

It's such a sweet time of seeing this little one discover more of life, the way things work, and language. "Kite" and "flower" were new words she repeated today. She loved the kite - she'd say it and point to it, then spin around and circles saying "zzz" as if she was flying.

Some Saturdays, to make the most of time outside by not having to get back to cook, we go to our new favorite restaurant, Papa John's. One opened a 10-minute taxi ride from us, and there's nothing like the taste of "home" in a restaurant that actually tastes like the real thing. Yes, even pizza can be changed to suit the Chinese palate, we've learned. 

Plus, the way salary works over here is that there are "special allowances" where you can get reimbursed for various things if you present a Fāpiào (official receipt). So we can get payed for eating in restaurants but not for groceries to eat at home. Still seems messed up to me (and we eat at home most all the time, as I like to cook and it's healthier!) but it does make going out to eat easier to justify. :) Hadassah doesn't need any convincing to get in the taxi when we tell her we're going to get pizza. She may love rice, but she's all-American when it comes to her pizza!
Our neighbors came over soon after we got back home, and Ryan and he ended up talking for almost 2 hours! So now we're up late as Ryan finalizes chords and lyrics to lead worship tomorrow and I catch up on pictures. It's been a full, but good day.

Thank you, Lord, for beautiful weather and a day with our little family. You give such joy in these simple, blessed things.

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  1. Ah, I'm so glad you had a beautiful day to go outside so much! I love how you are able to find the joy in all the little things. =) Hopefully spring will really come soon! And I understand a little bit about longer winters now... there was still snow on the ground when Rachael and I left campus to drive to AL on Saturday! -Natalie