Monday, March 23, 2015

First Picnic of 2015

 On Sunday, we went to campus late afternoon. We were headed to the requested eagle (Hadassah's first word every time we go outside!) but got waylaid by the scent of amazingness. The garden just outside the gate beckoned us in...

After drinking in the beauty, we left it to let the little miss wander, but we knew we'd be back...

Monday happened, and I was tired. It was cooler than I wanted it to be outside (a couple of 70-degree days spoiled me) and the house was a mess. It was hard to get going, and there were chores that needed to be done. The AQI was low, but it was 10:30 AM before 2 loads of laundry were washed and hung, the breakfast dishes done, and just the kitchen cleaned from all the mess a weekend of being out piles up. Soon it would be time to make lunch... no time to go out with Hadassah?

But I decided to embrace the joys we've been given. I called Ryan and told him to meet us in the garden for a picnic. The sky wasn't blue, but at least a light gray. The weather wasn't what I'd call warm, but it was at least high 50s... And the AQI was low enough to go out in good conscious. I decided to be happy. And I'm so glad I did!

The smell of freshly cut grass made me smile as we neared the campus gate. Once again, the sweet scent of flowers hit me as Hadassah and I passed the garden on our way to pay a quick visit to the eagle. I saw a woman riding a bike with her daughter on the back. She looked to be from India, and we exchanged a quick smile of understanding. When you're in a foreign country, you feel a kinship with everyone else who is too. 

 When we went back to the garden to meet Ryan, Hadassah was excited as she saw me laying out the blanket. She kept standing up and then sitting down, trying to find the perfect spot as we waited for Daddy to arrive.

 I told her we couldn't eat until he showed up, so the minute he did she tried to open her container of food!

 Family and flowers. What could be better? We were serenaded by hundreds of sweet birds, providing the best music you could ask for.

 Hadassah was too excited to eat much, though. I didn't blame her. Once the novelty of eating outside wore off, she wanted to explore. So, after she finished at least most of what was on her plate, I let her go.

 She headed to the "balls" - a place where trees drop a lot of wild berries. We call them balls so she won't mix them up with something to eat. Ryan ran after her just after this picture was taken. She wasn't scared to just go!

 Ryan captured some of the perfection... Such bright whiteness!

 I loved the delicate loveliness the myriads of wildflowers around us added.
 Hadassah loved the little flowers too! I'd taught her how to pick them on a previous visit, so as I was finishing up lunch, she went exploring and I heard her saying "flower - wowie!" over and over. Pretty soon, she came back with her prize in hand!

 One last glance of the large beauties...

 ...and another of the tiny ones. We serve an amazing Creator!

And today it happened. The rest of the house is still a mess and the lunch dishes not yet done, but instead of cleaning, I took a nap while Hadassah did. 1 1/2 hours to be exact. I really must be pregnant!

Another anomaly? The AQI went down to 42 at last check. In the GREEN (good) zone!! Wow. So, looks like we'll be out again once Hadassah wakes up. Now to see if I can finish the dishes...

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  1. Those pictures are so lovely! China looks like it is absolutely beautiful in the Spring!