Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A week in pictures

Last week we had four perfect days: sunny, warm, AQI not too high, and just gorgeous! We enjoyed going out many times. Then it rained. And got cold. The sun is finally back out today, but things still haven't warmed up much. But, I know it's coming... trying to be patient, though the warm weather spoiled me and made me want it to stick around forever!

But, below are a few pictures we took last week. We really take way too many these days (spring is such a beautiful time!) so it's hard to wade through and narrow down ones to post.

We took Ryan to see the gazebo atop the hill, where Hadassah and I sit and have pretend picnics. This one with her expression was irresistible!

 Sunny and warm... I think I could live in the tropics and be happy. I've decided I just don't like cold!

 The trees on campus were glorious... they lined the sidewalks for quite a while, dropping petals that made a white carpet. I was trying to convince Hadassah to look at the camera and smile, but like the way this picture turned out better. She's becoming so talkative these days - such fun to carry on conversations with her!

 We had to go out for another picnic on Thursday, to enjoy the trees and sun before they disappeared!

 Saturday morning gave us enough break in the rain to visit the botanical gardens on campus. Hadassah loved watching the ducks who were all taking a bath :)

It really was quite the show, as they splashed, dunked, fluffed, and some even tried to help out another!

 This was a cool flower we'd not seen before. Somewhat like a lily, but small and many on one stalk!

 Hadassah likes nothing more than to be chased or to run to you if you bend down and open your arms. She keeps us smiling!

 Another cool flowering bush. Hadassah was far more interested in the puddles than in the flowers, though. We took turns looking at the flowers and keeping her from getting soaked ;)

 In China there are many cool bridges. But also many that I don't think would ever pass safety code in America. The gaps you see are true gaps. If Hadassah were to find this alone, she would fall straight in. As it was, she loved going on it with Daddy again and again, and got pretty good at stepping from stone to stone, though she missed plenty enough it was good Ryan was there to support her!

 I love how both this and the family picture near the beginning has Hadassah holding sticks. They're her newest favorite thing to pick up when we're out.

Delicate beauty... There are so many flowers here - China does landscaping well. Ryan and I promise each other that when we buy a house we're going to make sure we plant good trees and flowers... they're just such a joy to have around!

 As we drove around campus on e-bike, we saw this field. Reminded us of Iowa. :) Our neighbor told us they use these plants to make cooking oil.

There you have it: another pictorial week. At least this current one won't have so many. April is living up to it's reputation of April showers!


  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family in a beautiful country! =) I hope your April showers will usher in more and more May flowers soon. (With warmer weather to boot!)

  2. LOVE all the flower, especially the littlest one with a smile and sticks. :)