Monday, April 27, 2015

Welcoming Warm Days

It's finally here! May is almost upon us, and I think I can safely proclaim that the weather is WARM!

Hadassah and I are enjoying short sleeves, sandals, and not having to wear pants or leggings to keep warm! I've even spent two days in a row not having to wear socks inside (since it's always still colder inside than out) which I count a joy. Hadassah has been pulling off her socks to run barefoot inside for a while, so now I can let her do it without thinking she'll get too cold.

Finding sandals for Hadassah has proved to be a challenge though. Last Wednesday I walked to the supermarket/mall 20 minutes from us, only to see that it's not sandal weather in the Chinese mind yet. Finally, at the 3rd store I checked, I found ONE pair of girl's sandals. They were really cute with flowers on the front, and Hadassah seemed to like them. Over the weekend, though, as she wore them a lot in the warmth, I noticed little round spots on her foot, where the flowers were. I thought she was just sweating with dirty feet, but as the spots continued, I looked inside the shoe and found the metal things attaching the flowers to the shoe were rusty! On new shoes! Disheartened, we threw them in the trash right away, and went back to the sandals I'd found at a second-hand sale, but that are a little too big, making Hadassah trip more easily. She also proclaims "itchy!" from the velcro if she wears them too much. So, Sunday we made a trip to another store and found what I think are pool shoes. But, they seem to fit well and have worked well so far. Hoping it continues!

I've stopped checking the AQI so much, since we get more blue sky and sun these days, but just now checked to realize what I thought was a perfect, clear day is actually at 157 AGI (unhealthy). Sometimes, though, you just have to get out for 30 minutes and enjoy the warmth... it can't do too much harm in that amount of time, right? Realizing looks can be deceiving though, so the AQI checker probably needs to continue being a daily thing... Sometimes I feel like it's my captor. *sigh*

But, overall, there are more not polluted days that there was in the winter. Thank you, Lord, for beautiful, sunny days!

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  1. So glad you are having some nice weather lately! I'm sure you and Hadassah both must enjoy getting outside after many winter days that were too cold or smoggy for being outdoors. It's so nice that you can find pretty park/garden areas to play in even in such a big city like Shanghai. I guess there's more to shanghai than the incredible skyscrapers the city is known for. =) ~Jessi