Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Princess Photoshoot

When you discover flowers exactly like the ones you used to make flower crowns out of when you were a girl, you just have to make one for your daughter. Then, of course, the idea to go back and have a photoshoot will present itself. And why not? She's only this age once. The flowers will soon be gone. The weather is amazingly beautiful. And memories preserved are priceless...

Give a girl pearls and she's bound to be happy!

 Her contemplative expressions show she's growing up...

 Though the light and background is perfect, when your tiny princess gives you this look and says "up p'ease" you just have to move on...

 She's like a princess at a ball, preparing to take a step to make her entrance...

And she does it grandly.

 Yet, she's still so little and sweet.

 She has the BEST giggle when she's tickled...

 And when you let her go, she'll dance among the flowers by the lake's edge, like a little woodland fairy.

 She'll investigate the flowers...

...treat the tiny ones gently...

 ...and explore them with all of her senses.

 She's just one and a half. Yet already you can see God preparing her for the path in front of her...

 So you cherish the playing in the flower petals.

 You blinked, and she got this big...

 A little girl, fascinated with the smallest things and creatures... It fits that we learned recently that one meaning of Hadassah is "compassion." She shows it.

 Such a joy and delight.

And while she dresses up so pretty, loves girly things, and makes the cutest tiny princess, this is where she feels more at home, playing in the dirt. :) We love our little one! It's so much fun to experience spring with her!


  1. This is Helen-
    Beautiful pictures! I like her dress!

  2. Thanks for sharing pictures of your precious little Hadassah--she looks like a little angel. Spring is beautiful in China; I see pansies!

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  4. Lovely pictures Anna! I think you do a great job of capturing all the different facets of Hadassah's personality. I can't believe how different she looks now from when you first got to China - she's grown so much! I know you're going to be so thankful to have these pictures and journal entries to look back on someday.