Saturday, June 20, 2015

Through our daughter's eyes

 As I've watched you father through our daughter's blue eyes,
I've fallen more in love - but that's no surprise!

As you give her good gifts, like sharing a treat, 
her eyes light up with delight that just can't be beat.

When  you "fly like an eagle" and whoosh through the air,
My heart soars along too, as her giggles ring clear!

"Pillow mound," Doggie, and tickle attacks,
Make her eyes shine and coos with your special knack.

You're so creative how you play with our daughter, my dear.
It makes her bloom and blossom and your love is so clear.

Your discipline, too, is consistent and kind;
You make my job easier as we're united in mind.

You show love to her as you make boundaries clear,
And show love to me as you take leadership here.

You take her on daddy-dates, with her favorite things,
And in so bless me too, with the gift of time that it brings.

And the way her eyes look, after being out with just you...
You teach her true love, and make my heart melt anew.

Seeing you dance, as the song "Cinderella" plays
Makes me want to seize and hold on to these days.

But I know as she grows, our girl with the eyes so so blue,
Your love and skill as a dad will grow up with her too.

And my love is growing each day that I see
You modeling the Father's love, to her and to me.

Photos taken by William VanBuskirk


  1. So sweet! Daddies and daughters sure have a special bond. :)