Tuesday, June 16, 2015

When it rains...

The video is last night with Hadassah. 2 days inside due to rain was making her go a little crazy. When I said "you're so full of energy!" she started running around saying "full full of entergy" over and over. So this morning when it was still raining, and it was in the forecast for Thursday too, I decided we'd splurge and go to an indoor play place.

Places like these are very common in Shanghai - almost every mall seems to have a child's play area. It makes up for there being no restaurants (that I know of) that have indoor playgrounds. No, not even McDonald's, though it is plentiful here, has a child's play place. These are more elaborate, and also cost... About $10 per time, a little less if you buy a card to use multiple times. So, this is only the 3rd time we've gone to one, and the first time I took her on my own (before friends invited us to join them). But when the weather is bad, a place to run around and move and climb is a blessing for parent and child!

 Hadassah didn't last long on any one thing until we tried out the big slide. We went up and down it at least 10 times, and finally I just distracted her somewhere else, because I was tired of climbing up it so much!

 After a few times of going on mommy's lap, Hadassah wanted to try going down it on her own - though still holding mommy's hand as I went down the other one for reassurance!

We ended on the merry go around. She just sat and was spun around and around, smiling with glee. I finally had to take her off, because Ryan had co-workers coming for lunch, and since this was right outside the supermarket, I decided to combine taxi trips and stock up on diapers and a few groceries since we were here. We barely made it home and got lunch ready in time - thankfully Ryan and our lunch guests were running slow too, otherwise they would have had a little wait...

It was a fun morning, though. I think I was more worn out than Hadassah. ;) But I could tell she'd gotten more energy out, which is a blessing to us both.

And, now that Hadassah is napping, the sun is finally out! So if I'd only waited... but the world is quite wet (a friend posted a video of their street even flooding in another part of the city!) and you never know when the rain will start back. People weren't kidding when they said June is the rainy month. But it's nice to have a little sun coming in for now, and maybe my 3-day-hanging-up laundry will finally dry!

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