Saturday, June 27, 2015

Visit to the Shanghai Aquarium

With rain scheduled for Saturday (though in reality, it only rained an hour here and there), we decided to make the trip downtown to the aquarium. While it feels like recently we've taken quite a few trips out and about to see things, we're also realizing we need to seize the time. Hadassah is at a golden age of being more interested in things - like the whole hour-long taxi trip there, she was happy watching and pointing out cars and dump trucks - and with just one afternoon nap, it's easy to take the whole morning to go somewhere. Pretty soon we'll add a tiny one who needs to nurse and nap, and going anywhere with two, while not impossible, will be a bit more challenging! 

The first exhibits with exotic fish were really cool!

 This was called a "scorpion fish" - seems like it could sneak up on you easily!

 Hadassah was thrilled to sit next to one of her favorites: turtles (and these were albino turtles)!

 We set Hadassah down and took a picture of her next to a large window seeing fish, and as we turned to go, first two and then three children were put up next to her as their parents eagerly snapped pictures.

 The Shanghai Aquarium is set up really well, with a lot of big exhibits and places you can watch lots of fish, as well as cool architecture and interesting facts (if we took the time to read them!)

 It also had touches of Chinese decorations and architecture, which was fun.

 More turtles! Some friends have small turtles Hadassah has been able to hold, so she was especially interested in all she saw here, though a bit disappointed she couldn't touch them!

 There were quite a few tunnels where the fish swam overhead. Way cool! I think I've been spoiled... no aquarium will be as cool without them, I'm afraid.

 We really liked seeing the swordfish!

 We got to see the penguins at feeding time, which was fun. Hadassah calls penguins "waddles" :)

 There were also fun things for kids, like the big penguins (that Hadassah spent time hugging each one) and a huge starfish to sit on!

 It's hard to see, but the fish behind us were so pretty... pinks, blues, and yellows all together! Though, I admit, by the end, I was kinded of "fished" out. ;)

 These were creepy... and awesome! HUGE spider crabs!

 The jellyfish exhibit was Ryan's favorite. The lighting was perfect and their were multiple huge tanks with tons of jellyfish. God's creation is so amazing!

We then went through the "world's longest aquarium tunnel" and saw tons of sharks! We'd been promising Hadassah we'd see sharks all morning, so she was thrilled!

 I loved the underside of the rays - the mouth and nostrils looks like a cute face. :) Hadassah also talked about these most after we left. They were bigger than her often, so must have left an impression!

She also has a "fish tales" book put out by DK (their 1st reading level real-life books are perfect for Hadassah, as they teach her about real things), so whatever was in those books and we also saw in real life was especially neat to her. I love watching her brain expand in wonder!

 They had a moving sidewalk in the long tunnel, which was great for being able to just look up and watch (as well as take pictures!) without having to watch your step, or block people behind you. With as many people as there are in Shanghai, it was ingenious to have so there wouldn't be jams in the tunnel!

 The aquarium was right next to the Pearl Tower, so that was fun. So tall, it disappears in the clouds...

 Thankfully the rain held off so we could walk to lunch. The restaurant we thought was close and wanted to go to we couldn't find, but it was nice to get in a walk outside and eating at Element Fresh was a special treat! Hadassah - and us all! - really enjoyed the avacado coconut smoothie!

We took most of the food to go, to eat in the taxi. We still had to fight some traffic, but thankfully books kept the little miss who was getting tired and sweaty in the taxi entertained. And the face? Got to make a good "Cock-a-doodle-doo" when reading about a rooster!

It was the perfect family day. Hadassah got a good nap (which she really needed, as she was just more subdued, having had diarrhea randomly for a few days) and Ryan and I got to catch up on reading articles and Facebook together online. Then when he laid down on the couch and was reading to me, I tried out the huge pregnancy pillow a co-worker gave him to give me. It's so big in a U shape I don't really want it to take up our bed, so we have it in the living room for Hadassah to enjoy jumping on for a "pillow mound!" Well, it was more comfortable than I thought... his reading and it put me to sleep for a good nap as well. :)

A family walk between rain showers, leftovers for supper, and a happy girl playing in the living room made for a good rest of the day. Some days just "work" and this was one of them. Thank you, God!

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