Sunday, January 3, 2016

When you have two... just gets cuter.

And more challenging. And more tiring. And more work. And you have less time for yourself. But the cuteness? Far makes up for it!

 Without meaning to, I dressed them both in black and white outfits on Sunday. I often do that subconsciously, even matching my clothes to the girls sometimes without realizing it!

 When I laid Ellie in Hadassah's bed to do something with Hadassah, she LOVED it and wanted to crawl in and lay right next to her! I love how Hadassah loves her sister, and Ellie loves her too! Just today, my hands were covered in meat when Ellie started crying in the bouncy seat. I asked Hadassah if she could bounce her and talk to her, and so she did, saying "You don't need to cry. I'm right here. Don't worry." And Ellie stopped crying!

And yes, that is Hadassah's big girl bed. After about a week of her wanting to be in the big girl bed half the time and the crib the rest of the time, she finally started choosing it each time. So we moved the crib to Ellie's room and Hadassah gets more room to play! My biggest girl is growing up so quickly!

 My lap is nearly always full these days with one or both. But I love it. :) All those dreams and playing with dolls when I was little, then snatching babies to hold at church or whenever I could... And now this. I have to stop and remember sometimes. When did this wonderful blessing happen? Thank You, Lord.

The nice thing about baby toys is that bringing them out provides amusement for the toddler too! :) Part of it is Hadassah just loves doing things with her sister. After some hitting (mostly when she wanted me to hold her and I was nursing Ellie) and lots of explaining how Hadassah was the big sister and needed to take care of her little sister, to be kind, just pat her not hit her, etc. - we haven't had hitting in a while! Hadassah loves her and is so gentle and kind. She'll point it out too - "Look, I'm being kind to baby Elllie!" And when she isn't, it's usually an accident. ;) I am thankful.

And yes, there is marker on Hadassah's hands. But I chose to view it as a sign that I have so much to love. While I took a minute to talk to Ellie and enjoy her coos and smiles (and she got the closest she's gotten to laughing today!), Hadassah decided the window markers would look great on her hands. It's life with two! :)

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