Saturday, January 30, 2016

Three Years going on forever

Only three years? That's what comes to mind when realizing we've been married for three years, as of January 26th. They've been so full! One house, two apartments, two children, and three countries... We've been through just about as many changes as you can in three years. People often caution against making too many life changes in early marriage, and it's probably wise advice. But I'm so grateful that God has used the changes and challenges to just grow us closer. As I told Ryan, "I always feel safe and taken care of when I'm with you." What a blessing it is to be married to this man!

We had a wonderful anniversary too. Sure, the day was crazy, as most days are. I wanted to write a nice card, but only managed to get basic chores done. And clean my rings... I need to do that more often. I forget how beautifully they can shine! But these days love is often shown more in food on the table and home taken care of and helping look for lost things then pages of writing. Not to say I shouldn't aim to write more notes to my man, but to show reality. And yet, it's a beautiful reality!

 There's nothing like being just us two! There's a freedom in that, a rest. So although we left a screaming toddler who didn't want to leave us (even though she loves the family we left her with), we were so happy to get in the elevator alone. Our friends were so gracious to take both a toddler and infant for a few hours, and when we came back, Hadassah wasn't ready to leave the fun puzzles she was doing, and reported "I'm so happy!" :)

 The sky was blue and the clouds were gorgeous and it felt so good to be outside that we walked to the subway station. It really doesn't take that long - maybe 10-15 minutes - when you have no children in tow and are energized being with the one you most love.

The subway was crowded, as rush hour was beginning on that Tuesday night, but we had fun talking over memories from the past three years. Ryan had even creatively bought some lollipops to enjoy on the way. I hadn't had one in years and it made me feel like a kid again. :) Which I often do when I'm with my fun man!

 We ate at Blue Frog Bar and Grill, half an hour away by subway. We jokingly call it "our spot" - not that there are many places this close to home to choose from where we KNOW we'll get good, tastes-like-home food! But the food is so good I don't mind going there again and again!

While we waited, we wrote a few notes in our "Mr. & Mrs. Journal" to remember this anniversary. And laughed because the last entry in there is from our last anniversary... Guess this journal might last our whole marriage! ;)

 Chili cheese fries...

 BBQ sliders... had even this usually-doesn't-like BBQ girl enjoying every bite! I guess marriage can change you. My man likes BBQ so much I've tried it more and more and actually really really enjoyed it this go around!

 The beef fajitas we saved for last because they are just so so so amazingly good. Somehow they get every combination of flavors perfect.

 Good to the last bite. Our bellies were full of warm goodness from the meal.

 So it almost didn't make sense to get cold ice cream. Except... our most amazing wedding (groom's) cake had been a chocolate/peanut butter creation dripping with Reese's Pieces. I'd wanted to make a similar creation that day, but life happened, I didn't have time, and I didn't even have the right ingredients. I spread some peanut butter on dark chocolate as a treat for lunch, which was good, but still not the same. But when we walked by the McDonald's in the subway station, I saw their new flavor of ice cream was peanut butter!! What??? No way. :) So we had to get some to celebrate our anniversary with smooth, peanut butter, creamy chocolate goodness!

We truly felt like kids, taking pictures of our ice cream. But it was like a special gift from God. And they got the flavor combination perfect. We were pretty happy to think of having this treat just a short walk away, but today when I tried to get it again for a special treat with Hadassah, they'd moved on to a new flavor. So although we're sad we only had this goodness once (peanut butter + chocolate combinations are almost completely absent here), it also makes our anniversary just that much more special, to have something that even tasted like our wedding day. :)

God is good. I'm so grateful to be married to this man, and look forward to many more years by his side. We've been through plenty of challenges and moments of "what do we do now?" but Ryan always encourages me to keep trusting the Lord. And the Lord is faithful. I look forward to seeing where He'll bring us as we walk together. 


  1. Happy Anniversary! Glad you had a fun night out together. =)

  2. Anna, so beautifully written. It brought tears to my eyes!

  3. So lovely and happy faces. Miss all of your family.

  4. I enjoy reading your posts, Happy Anniversary!