Monday, February 1, 2016

When we get outside...

 You have to bundle up a ton, but the results are pretty cute!

 It really helps that Ellie can sit in a stroller. I like the ERGO, as it's great for going in taxis and keeping Ellie asleep when she needs to nap when out. But she almost always goes to sleep in it, even if it's not a normal nap time, as she can't move or see much. So the stroller gives us hope she'll stay awake for a while, and it also leaves me more free to carry stuff or direct Hadassah. And Hadassah enjoys holding onto the stroller as we walk, getting her exercise and motivation to stay with me!

 Of course, with the wind and freezing temps lately, Ellie has to stay mostly covered up when we're out!

But she's a pretty cute snuggly buggly bear! 

These pictures were taken on Friday, as I took supper to some friends in our complex. They had been dealing with croup for two weeks as their kids took turns with the sickness, and were going out of town for a week the next day. It made me SO happy that we live close enough in community with people now that I know when they're sick and feel freedom in just offering a meal (as they gave us so many when we were returned from the US with a newborn!). 
Today we woke up to the beauty of snow outside. Not much, but it's still beautiful.

Side note: I put Ellie in the bumbo seat to watch Hadassah do puzzles and read so I could quickly blog. But I just kept getting distracted by the cuteness and had to take pictures and video! And hearing Hadassah talk to her...

 "Baby Eliana, I'm so nice to you!" Then she sees a bit of spit up and says "I'm gonna get the burp rag! Just a minute..." and wipes her chin so gently.

Then she sits next to her and says "I'm going to read you a story, baby Eliana."

I'd say she's a great big sister!

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  1. A great big sister with a mom and dad who set a wonderful example. Press on mom!