Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Cool Connections

11 years ago, Ryan first came to Shanghai. He did a study abroad program at the university across the street. Who would have thought that, 11 years later, he'd be sitting in our living room  - IN China - talking to guys from his same university in America, doing the same study abroad? Like-minded men, interested in being a light, curious how it works overseas, and all the options there are when you think of living abroad.

I love hearing my husband sharing what he's learned, and answering all the many questions they have. And, ever since my brother was a guy on his own, I love providing a good home-cooked, American meal (fajitas with amazing chocolate-brownie pudding for dessert!) to college guys. Especially when they've been mostly eating Chinese food for a month!

Thank You, Lord, for times like these... connections we never ever thought we'd have when we came over here.

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