Monday, February 29, 2016

Finding the First Blossoms

I'm what you could call a winter wimp. I like about one, maybe two months of coldish weather, and then I'm ready for spring. ;) So it's with great excitement that I notice the blooming of flowers each year. Combined with recent sunshine-y days and each week usually bringing one day that touches 70 degrees and let's us go without heavy jackets, I've been telling Hadassah "spring is coming!" as my heart sings with joy.

Though I've learned by trial and error not to assume it's going to be warm after one day without the heavy jacket. Even the evening of a warm day can bring gusty, cold winds around here! 

Last Thursday it was a pretty nice day. It was still chilly, but the day was clear and Ryan called to say he'd be home early so we could go and see the blossoms on campus.

I love any excuse to have a little extra time with my love!

Hadassah also loves any chance to be outside! She found some nuts and said "I found nuts to feed the squirrels!" Though Daddy quite willingly acted out being a squirrel for her, she was pretty disappointed when I told her I didn't think there were any squirrels in China... At least I haven't seen any here!

Sites like these never get old!

Daddy and daughter. She has a smile even bigger than this every day when he gets home from work. :)
Our Dassah Daisy! Such a big little girl she is now...


Winter cuteness

Pink against gray... contrasts.

Since Ellie was napping in the ERGO and we were actually outside, we delayed supper a bit and visited our favorite gazebo on the hill. Hadassah had a pretend picnic of nuts and pansy petals :)

Little girl in tall gazebo... I remember when I had to help her up these steps and on and off the stools, and now she does everything without problem!

With a sleeping little one close to my heart... I enjoy it when I can walk just me (I forget how "light" I feel!) but it is such a blessing to have a little one to snuggle so close

Walking home, it was a blue sky and fluffy clouds late afternoon... Such a good day to be alive!

These are blooming right outside our apartment building, bringing happy spring-ness feeling every time I walk outside, which helps when the wind blasts into me despite what shouldn't be a too cold day, as we live in a wind tunnel!

Ryan played with the girls as I made quick quesadillas and salad. It was a late supper, but we were all energized by the beauty God has made outside.

Thank You, God, that spring is coming...

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