Monday, July 11, 2016

Blue sky and a Big Burger Date

One of the most amazing things about having Danielle & Alex here is being able to plan on a weekly date! We are definitely getting spoiled...

 With a nursing babe to get to bed, though, we can't go to far. So last week found us at "our" spot - the closest "fancy" Western restaurant, just 30 minutes away by subway. Blue Frog Bar & Grill... and this time we tried their "Montana Burger." Oh my. Is it weird that living in China has caused me to like BBQ sauce? Or maybe it's just marrying Ryan - knowing he likes it a lot made me try it more. But I used to avoid it at all costs. Now, every rare time I've had it in China, it's reminded me of America and been delicious!

 But seriously, this burger was big! I definitely could not fit the whole thing in my mouth!

 But Ryan knew how to eat it like a man. ;)

 The squish and attack...

 Success. And the combination of amazing beef, fresh toppings, bacon, and crispy onion rings can NOT be beat. Wow.

 I married a handsome man. :) And for about an hour, it felt like we were in America. While I have grown to love China, there's just something about feeling like home, with the authentic American tastes and music and air conditioning that just make the perfect atmosphere for a date.

The Chinese restrooms? Not a highlight. But the windy labyrinth of hallways to get to them provided the perfect spot to do a little swing dancing with my love! ;)

 And the sky? Seriously wow! You don't see sky like this in Shanghai hardly at all. You just don't. We marveled at it the whole way back to the subway.

 A definite reason for a kissy picture for sure! ;)

 I know, these are common sites. But the blue and the big clouds and the wispy white... We had to record it. ;)

And for the requisite cute pictures:

 You know you live in a big city when your toddler gets new blocks, plays with them in her room, and then calls out, "Mommy, look! I built apartments!" We don't build houses around here... ;)

And Miss Ellie is advancing so fast. Now all she wants to do is pull up. Every time she wakes up in her crib, and on every surface she can... legs, chair, exersaucer, couch, Dassah's chest... life is a little more on the edge around here these days! But full of cuteness. 

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