Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Saturday Feiji Field and Hot Pot

 Why don't we go here more often? I mean,  a wide open grassy space for a toddler to run... Doesn't get much better! Especially when it's just-before-rain with nice wind and milder temps.

 This little lady was stylin' :)

 Danielle loves flying kites and Dassah was excited to help!

 This little baby had fun crawling around on her mat and looking in wonder at the kite and frisbee Ryan, Alex and I were talking. Pretty awesome to get some fun in while entertaining the baby at the same time!

 I think Hadassah felt powerful when she was the one holding the string!

 Then when the littles got tired, I walked around with them while Danielle got the kite super high! The wind was perfect that day...

 Ellie got to practice walking some. :) She is getting stronger every day, and Dassah loves helping her walk while she holds her hands. She's talked about doing this ever since Ellie was a tiny baby. :) But like everything else with toddlers, it only held its novelty for a minute or two!

 She's getting so big... Seems to happen so fast the second time around! And yes, wherever we go, people are always commenting on her chub. :) They feel her arms and legs and often give a thumbs up. They like healthy babies. :)

 And when you didn't bring many toys, an umbrella works pretty well for a toy with mom's supervision!

 Then it was on from there to BiJiang Guangchang, a mall area with a lot of restaurants. Our good friend Y met us there to take us to one of her favorites, a new one to us. And side note: it is so cool to be getting to know my oldest niece and nephew more. They're pretty cool teens. :)

 A hot pot restaurant, a first for me. And though she ordered it "Bù là" (not spicy) it still had a kick. Dassah refused to eat it, but there was some really good steamed bread with sweet dipping sauce, and I've learned to bring veggies for her almost anywhere we go. The huge pot with tomato soup and fish was for the rest of us!

 The wait staff were very kind. They brought a handful of candies over for Hadassah (we let her have one and hid the rest!) and a baby toy for Ellie! This place was REALLY popular too. We arrived just after 5 PM. It was a huge place (quite a few rooms), but when we left, it was packed with a crowd still waiting!

After you ate all of the fish from the pot (which we attempted but couldn't finish, so they finally just scooped out what was left), there were all kinds of other things to boil and eat. Shrimp balls, fresh cut bean sprouts, lettuce, spinach, tofu strips and more! It was definitely a hard restaurant to take two little ones to. In fact, I left after an hour and a half 'cause they were both super squirmy and Ellie needed to get to bed, up early from her afternoon nap. And we all agreed that hot pot, while good, lasted a bit too long with the same taste in everything. But it was a definitely a good cultural experience, and we were so thankful for Y ordering for us as she knew what was good (and how to read the menu!). :) It's fun to have an extra reason to try new Chinese food with Danielle and Alex here.

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