Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wednesday Walk and Concert from Taiwan

 Wednesday was an absolutely beautiful day. Rainy days with kids are not my favorite - being stuck inside an apartment all day is not all that great. ;) But the pre- and post-rainy days are absolutely beautiful this summer! See that blue sky? And despite it being JULY, there was a nice wind and the weather was mild enough that a walk wasn't too hot.

 Alex and Danielle spent the morning downtown at a museum (so glad the subway allow them some time to explore the cool things Shanghai has to offer on their own!) and then they made supper. So I got to enjoy a mommy-girlies day, and take them for a walk after afternoon naps with no worries about getting supper done in time. What a blessing to enjoy time out and then arrive home to supper on the table!

 We walked through our favorite spots on campus and took Ellie for the first time to a little garden I used to take Hadassah to when she was Ellie's age. Oh the memories such places bring back... Where did my baby Hadassah go? And how did I end up with another cutie? How fast 2 years can fly...

 While we were walking, Dassah said "Let's get some Christine's!" I'd been thinking of going to buy some bread since were walking that way anyway, so we made a mommy-daughter date of it. :) We got our favorite treat and this time split it three ways! Though Ellie only got tiny nibbles of the pretty non-sweet muffin (treats here are, usually, not as sweet as in America!). This one has cream filling and melted cheese topping so it's pretty tasty. And Dassah was so excited when I told her Ellie would get a taste, telling her, "Ellie! You're going to get your very first Christine's! Isn't that so exciting?"

 Then we got to the bus stop to meet Ryan a little early. All the better to get cute pictures, right? :)

 That night, Yinyue treated us to a concert on campus. It was of children's choirs from Taiwan, who through these tours got money to pay for school. It was beautiful music and very relaxing to just SIT for two hours! Ryan kindly stayed home and got Hadassah to bed and I put Ellie down and then arrived at the concert just a few minutes late. But Danielle and Alex had saved great seats!

 There were two different nations represented. They wore the ancient dress and sang the ancient songs, a way of preserving them. I have heard an African children's choir in the past, and their music was similar, with the beautiful melodies, often acapella, and the calling back and forth. Reminded me of my dad. :)

 Proof we were there! And we really need to work on taking pictures of two people... for some reason our camera tends to focus more only one person.

 Yinyue was really sweet to think of getting the tickets for us and treating us to the concert. It was really good to visit with her during the intermission too.

It was really neat too, how certain songs had dance. The girls were graceful and flowy while the guy's part included a lot of jumps, running and just strong actions. The guys looked like they were having tons of fun on those parts. :)

We're definitely experiencing a lot of things! And it's neat how the memory works - we'll always be able to have an association with what older Taiwan was now.

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