Friday, November 4, 2016

12 Months of Ellie

Time goes by so quickly. But each month has been cherished. Our baby is a toddler -though we still hold on to the baby parts we can! - and what a joy it has been to watch her grow. From lying helpless to sitting, to crawling, to standing to walking... God is amazing in how He has made babies grow!

At 12 months, Ellie is...

Walking: so so well! On concrete outside I am the more tentative one. She often lets go of my hand and takes off because she knows she can!

Talking: In addition to Mama, Dada, and Hadassah, she has her own versions of "peekaboo" - "There she is!" - "duck" - "baby" - "hi" - and many animal noises, her favorite being "quack" and "baa." She'll usually try those in hope on any animal she sees, but she can also say "grr" - "roar" - "oo ah" - "meow" - "brrr" (for an elephant, complete with an arm raise for the trunk) - "and very occasionally, "woof"

Eating: She's a bit more particular than Hadassah. ;) She likes food with more taste (Dassah likes plain rice - Ellie likes rice with curry sauce!), and really wants whatever is on my plate even if it's just like hers. But with 16 teeth, she's pretty good at eating almost anything, and is a pretty good eater overall. She's also signing "please" and "all done" which helps with communication. Ryan has likened her to a bear in the way she vocalizes while eating and when she wants more, so we're trying to stress other forms of communication! ;)

Sleeping: She takes two naps a day pretty well, stretching out to 2 1/2 - 3 hours awake between them. She's starting to drop occasional ones, so I know going to one nap is on the horizon. I'm holding on to that morning nap as long as I can, though making sure to not let her nap too long or she won't nap in the afternoon. ;) Nighttime sleep is pretty good, but this last week she's woken once in the night more times than not. Guess she likes to keep me guessing! Change in the weather and figuring out how warmly to dress her may play a part. Trying to figure that one out and hoping we all get through the night sleep again soon!

Overall, she is an absolute joy. She does tend to get into everything at this stage, but is so full of fun and curiosity. I love having a one year old! :)

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