Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Day before a Birthday

(pictures from Friday, October 28th)

T'was the day before a birthday, and all through the house,
 a Mommy was scurrying as fast as a mouse.

The house was being decorated, since the cupcakes had been made,

A lion for the big girl - 

 And a lamb for the babe.

 The children woke from napping, so they too joined in the fun -

 As mama blew balloons, they played with those already done.

 The Daddy then got home, so away they all went, 
To the big girl's favorite place for a supper to be spent.

 It happened to be decorated, so it was a fitting place,
And they were given balloons, for an extra smiling face.

 The birthday girl got pizza just exactly right for her - 
Olives (or, to her, "O's") are her favorite, I assure!

 Papa John's was enjoyed, from the parents to the kids,
And the best part for the mom was there wouldn't be any dishes!

 For the best birthdays of course, ice cream is the final taste,

Though this is the look when it's all gone you have to face!

 But we were a happy family, celebrating just us four,
And the memories we made were sweet despite the rain outside the door.

 Since we had the space to walk, through the mall we explored,
With the favorite place for sure being the cool pet store.

 The next stop was new, the first library for this one -
Yet the $30/month fee made it a one-time thing for fun.

 But for that night it was free, so the girlie kept on reading

 with the mama, while the daddy was the baby corral keeping.

Then it was back to home for all, with the sweet girls put to sleep,
While the parents stayed up late, with a party deadline to keep!

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