Monday, May 11, 2015

Eating on a Choo Choo Train

On Saturday, one of Ryan's co-workers took us to a charming place called the Train Inn. Someone had the brilliant idea to convert 5 train cars into an inn, restaurant, and events place. One of the cars was closed off for people to sleep in, while a few others had different seating arrangements for dining.

 Hadassah was absolutely thrilled to see a real "choo choo" engine car, that looks just like the ones in her books! She got enamored with trains a few months ago, and though she calls the metro a "choo choo" this definitely looked more like the real thing!

 And when she got to climb on it... what could be better? It was a great place for kids to play as we waited for it to be lunch time!

 Hadassah ran and ran and ran through the train cars that were open. Something about the long corridors perhaps feeling like a tunnel to her? Whatever it was, she loved it, and there was hardly anyone else around, so it was a great way for her to get out energy on a rainy day. She actually wore us out as we walked quickly behind her.

 Hadassah and her friend QiQi, the co-worker's son. They had fun following each other around!

 She loved climbing up to sit in the fancy chairs in the dining car. We actually did eat here later, and the food was amazing. Wow. Definitely a bit costly, but oh so good - everything we had was delicious! We've become big fans of the way Chinese do cabbage with ginger especially...

I put Hadassah up here for fun and then our friend told us the sign in Chinese said "do not climb." Oops.

We loved being together as a family and doing something fun. So thankful for the kindness of people who know the area and invited us to come along!

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