Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Happy birthday Ryan!

 Happy 31st birthday to my dear husband, an amazing leader, a loving and fun father, a wise man who puts thought towards the future yet also does knows when to be spontaneous. It's such a blessing to live life with you, Ryan!

It's crazy to think that this time last year, we were about to board a plane for Shanghai. It's been a crazy, full, hard, exciting, memorable year. Who knows what this next year will bring for you... but if it's anything like the years since I met you, it will be be full of many things in life and full of the Lord.

We celebrated by splurging on food (cheese for quesadillas, and whipped cream and strawberries to top brownies) and had two of his co-workers join us for lunch. There is no way I could ever top the cakes he got for his last birthday, so I was grateful he chose brownies instead of cake. That way, I didn't even have to attempt any decorating!

Tonight we'll have another meal splurge - over favorite pasta with bacon(!!) - and an evening as a family. Our weeks are full and life moves quickly, but we've found some of the best moments are ones we spend all together.

I love you, Ryan! May this day - and year - be blessed.

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  1. Aw - looks like you guys had a wonderful birthday celebration. I can't believe you've been in China for a whole year! It's interesting to imagine what your family will look like this time next year. =)