Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Walking to Ryan

 The days have been pretty gorgeous here lately. Still have to watch the AQI, but it often goes down if it's high by the end of the day. So, most days - if I've planned ahead and gotten supper in the crockpot, or have a quick supper ready to fix in 30 minutes or less - I head out in the late afternoon to walk to meet Ryan. Isn't it a beautiful path I get to walk? That is, after going through a few broken-down areas that have less than pleasant smells... ;)

His e-bike had a flat tire last month, and we finally got it fixed, replacing the tube, only to have it get another flat the next day. It's stuck at work now, and seems like there's probably something wrong with the wheel itself. We may eventually figure out how to get it towed and fixed, but with beautiful weather and the battery on it getting less powerful anyway (thus making it a slower commute), we've been doing without. Ryan takes a taxi to work in the morning and after lunch, and usually gets a nice run in on the way home for lunch, and a longer walk in at the end of the day when we can meet him.

Sometimes he tries to find taxis, but as this is the same road we couldn't find any on during the rainstorm, empty taxis are very scarce.

 Hadassah sits for the first bit, so I get a nice fast walk in for 10-15 minutes. I am enjoying more energy as the second trimester begins, and the walking is so good and healthy for pregnancy. I learned last time that as I gain baby weight, I have to keep walking, otherwise I get more tired and short of breath. But, then 'Dassah gets a little antsy, and asks to get out. She pushes her stroller for a while...

 Then says "fast baby, fast baby!" and half walks, half runs. Thankfully the sidewalk is wide so she has some freedom to move. We always go a little slower, though, as she seems to go in spurts - run, stop, run, stop. Eventually I end up putting her back in to go faster to see Ryan.

She's always SUPER excited to see Daddy coming towards us. She loves him so! Plus, this treat awaits her:

Ryan lifts her and flies her and skips down the road with her, and we alternate letting her walk and putting her in the stroller. It takes 30 minutes usually to get back home (40 or more if I make it all the way to his office, which is rare) and we enjoy the family togetherness time. There's something about walking that promotes talking - as long as the little one isn't demanding attention of course! - and it's a great time to catch up on the day as well as pray.

Though living out here is very lonely for me, I am thankful for the extra time I have to be with my husband. Living close to work is so worth it for us, as he spends breakfast, lunch and dinner with us, and we get to share times like these.

Thank you, Lord, for my family!

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  1. So glad you get to enjoy these moments together! I think you will look back on this time with many happy memories :-)