Friday, May 1, 2015

Caught in a Rainstorm

When you get dropped off by a taxi at a park at least a 40 minute or more walk from home, and then it starts to rain - oh wait, make that POUR... you really miss having your own car.

Because when the roads you're walking along are mostly deserted and the taxis that go by are full of people or on their way to pick up someone who called... you get really wet.

But you finally make it home, after walking for at least 20-30 minutes, taking shelter under trees and bus stop overhangs during the worst of it, thankful your daughter had at least a little shelter under her stroller shade. And then at one bus stop there's a lady who speaks some English and helps you know which bus to get on, and holds her umbrella over mom and little one as you wait to board.

The stunned faces of everyone when you get on dripping wet, dragging a stroller and digging for coins also give you a laugh in hindsight.

And yes, you realize you need to be better about taking an umbrella, and checking the weather report. But in your defense, every time you do bring an umbrella it never rains, and overcast skies are so common in Shanghai and can last so long, you almost never tie them to imminent rain anymore.

You also need to learn how to call a taxi with your phone.

But, in retrospect, it's an adventure to remember, and the smell of spring rain is not one to miss.

And then, even though it's May, on this somewhat cool day, a hot bath for the baby and hot cocoa for the mommy and daddy make a lot of things better...

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  1. Haha!!! That's happened to me a lot at college... I brought my umbrella every day last semester and only used it sometimes, and this semester it didn't rain much, so I quit bringing it... only to get caught in several random showers. Thankfully there are lots of buildings and buses around, so I don't usually get THAT wet. =) Hot chocolate is ALWAYS a good thing, though! -Natalie