Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Family Saturday


After a busy week with friends and activities and trying to keep up with work, it was good to wake up Saturday morning and plan on a family day. While we're super excited about being a family of four soon, we also want to cherish these last moments as a family of three...
And having our own car to drive is amazing. Just not having to call a taxi and wait - for EVERY stop along the way - but having your own car right there to get in whenever you're ready... Yeah. It's pretty nice. :)

 We stopped at a donut shop because we could. :) And because it was Saturday morning. And because a little girl with a blue shirt was so excited to pick out her own donut with blue sprinkles!

 Pretty good?

 She was a fan! And we didn't let her eat the WHOLE thing... but since we had our own delectable donuts too, we were all feeling a bit of a sugar crash later on!

 We went to a park and saw ducks! It was such a beautiful perfect day...

 This park is one I played at as a child. It's so much fun to see my daughter now discovering it! Especially when she has her favorite big playmate around (Daddy) to make it even more fun!

 She loved swinging with Daddy! Seriously, I married an amazing man. He is such the best Daddy. His imagination and joy and zest in which he plays with her... We are all so blessed.

She loved the swings. We kept trying to interest her in more slides, but all she wanted to do mostly was swing. And swing. For at least 20 minutes. With her faithful "travel puppy" it was even more fun!

During her nap, Ryan and I got a date to see "Woodlawn" (excellent movie!) and enjoy an early supper at Steak and Shake. It's such a blessing to be around grandparents!

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