Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A night away

One of our goals before baby #2 came, if she gave us the time, was to get a night away, just the two of us. We had to reschedule a few times due to time conflicts, and at some points I wondered if it was worth the trouble of getting Hadassah set up in the grandparents' house and our stuff packed up for just one night not even traveling far, but it certainly was.

When you've spent the last two years getting up (early!) and taking care of a baby and then toddler, you forget how nice it is to stay in bed until you want to get out. ;) Though, after two years of always waking pretty early, it is pretty impossible to actually sleep in! And it's so wonderful to remember what it is to be just you and your love, together for even longer than just an evening date (though those are great!). It was refreshing, a time to talk, a time to just be and get lost in each other's eyes again without having to wonder what the toddler was up to.

And though I wondered how Hadassah would do without us for a night, I'm glad I didn't let that stop us from going. I explained what we were planning, that we were going on a mommy-daddy date and grandpa and grandma would put her to bed, and she seemed to understand. She had fun, went to bed easily, slept great, woke happy, and only cried when we came home. Even then, it was more of a forced, "how could you leave me?" cry. It helps that she's been able to be with her grandparents for shorter stretches and see them every day for a while, so she's very comfortable with them and loves them so!

We also reflected on how thankful we are for this time. Whereas often it feels like we're missing SO much in terms of time with family while living overseas, because we live overseas we've taken longer stretches of time to be with family... two months before we moved to China, and now these two months to have a baby. God has a way of blessing abundantly. Even though the inability to see them for most months out of the year is still hard, this time in some way makes up for it.

 We walked through "The Alley" downtown Montgomery - a cool spot! And no, I'm not sure I can get any BIGGER with baby! Random strangers are always asking when I'm due and other (sometimes very personal!) questions!

We ate at Dreamland Barbeque - a spot famous in Montgomery for their barbeque and banana pudding. Had to get it sometime while we're in the South!

We had a relaxing stay at a local hotel, I was amazed to have time to just shower when I wanted and be able to relax and read the Bible while Ryan got ready, and breakfast at Panera brought back good memories from courting/engagement visits. Then it was time to go back for Ryan to work and to assure our little girl we hadn't disappeared forever. :) But we're so thankful we got a little "babymoon" before welcoming our next sweet bundle of joy!

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