Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Hadassah!

It seems like just yesterday we had our first baby... And now she's two years old. Wow. Time flies so quickly, and Hadassah is growing up into such a sweet and fun little girl! 

A sweet friend blessed us with a maternity/birthday photo shoot yesterday, so here are photos to help commemorate this milestone for Hadassah...

With a one balloon picture last year, we had to get one with two this time. :) 

And being in the states, though getting the balloons was still an adventure with Hadassah, I could actually ask and understand and drive to a place to get them filled with helium!

We've been talking about it for a while, so she is pretty excited to turn TWO! 

She was pretty thrilled with a bunch of balloons! Especially after the first balloon we tried to buy popped in the store, and the second untied from the string on top and flew away as soon as we walked out of the store... She had great fun relating those stories over and over though!

I sat in this rocking chair as a little girl, so it was pretty special to use it with my little girl for this photo shoot! 

This captures her sweet little girl-ness well. :) How we love our Hadassah Faith!

She's also our little monkey, with an adventurous side, wanting to climb and swing on anything she can!

 We are so thankful God has made us a family!

We love you, our "Dassah Daisy!"

Can't wait to see how God continues to grow you in this next year!

Special thanks to Lexi of Griffin Photography for these amazing pictures!

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  1. Happy birthday Hadassah! You are so loved by your mommy and daddy, and such a blessing to them.