Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015!

 When your amazing sister-in-law Megan says she wants to take a few pictures of Ellie, you say "definitely - yes please!"

 She gave us priceless Christmas pictures to cherish...

 And when you get back with your big girl from taking her to get shots and find the midst of the photo shoot, it works to have the big one jump right in, and because she loves her Aunt Megan so much, she gives such sweet smiles!

 Our best gift this year :)

This precious gift just keeps growing... 

 Christmas joy!

Merry Christmas from China! :)


  1. Such sweet pictures! Love them. Thank you for sharing.
    Wishing you a very merry Christmas. May you guys be blessed with a sweet time of celebration together. Love and hugs to y'all! :)

  2. Love sharing your joy and watching your beautiful family grow!

  3. May God continue to bless your growing (and beautiful) family!